• Responsive Design
    Our designs autofit to any screen size.
    Responsive design is the future of web developement.
    With more and more mobiles and tablets becoming primary
    web browsing devices, having the ability to view your website
    or web application on any screen size is essential.
    CoreMirco International uses cutting edge Html5 and CSS3
    to develop fully responsive webpages and applications.
  • Access to your application on any device.
  • Cross platform support.
    Multi-browser compatibility.
    Use any of your favorite browers. Our applications
    are compatible on Chrome Firefox, IE, and Safari.

Responsive Layout

All our webpages and web apps come predeisgned with a responsive theme. This means whatever size screen it will look beautiful.


We are one of the few companies in the Philippines using cutting edge pure HTML5 and CSS3 this means your product will work now and for years to come.

Modern & Clean

Tired of cluttered and messy user intefaces? CoreMicro Intl. stays up to date with the newest design concepts and techniques making our designs easy to use for everyone.

Easily Customisable

We design everything with the customer in mind. From start to finish you we will work to make your design unique and exactly what you need.