We work with our clients to create fast, beautiful, customized webpages and web applications.


CoreMirco International began in 2006 as a small freelance company in the US, working with small businesses and individuals. Since then CoreMicro International has continued to grow it's client base and has recently incorportated in the Philippines to begin targeting the Southeast Asian market. We have offices in both the US and the Philippines to better serve our clients. In addition we have personnel that speak English and Tagalog to better communicate with our clients in both countries.

What We Do

CoreMicro International is a premiere developer of webpages, and web applications we focus on small businesses, schools, governemnt organizations, and non profit organizations. We strive to make you or your employees life easier, computerizing and modernizing common tasks, streamlining and eliminating the need for endless paperwork. Whatever you need CoreMicro has the skills to make it a reality.

Why Choose Us

CoreMicro International uses the latest technologies to insure your end product is ahead of the competition and will be future proof for years to come. All of our webpages and web applications are hosted on dedicated servers in the US with true Tier-1 Gigabit ethernet connections. This means quick load times and no worries about brownouts in the Philippines. All servers have redunant power sources and multiple backup devices installed to make sure your data is always safe and available. Avoid overpriced and overcrowded hosting companies in the Philippines and never have to buy your own server. All you need is web access and a browser to use any of our custom designed web applications. In addtion our staff carry multiple certifications in networking, harware applications, Microsoft products, and other essentials meaning we have the skills for a wide range of projects.